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I'm Grettch. My music journey starts with my mom's memory of having a singing 8 month old child. She says I was born with big lungs, because of how loud I would cry as a baby. I think we all do have big lungs, is how we use them that brings magic into the world! My first instrument was piano. I was shy as a kid and I struggled to express myself publicly. Piano felt comfortable and melodic, full of music. So I joined the Austral University of Chile Conservatory and studied classical piano performance. I loved piano, yet I couldn't perform in public. My first challenge with music was clear and I couldn't overcome it. I quit classical music and learned guitar on my own. I decided to give it a go with singing and pushed myself to perform. Sometimes it went well, sometimes fear got the best out of me, still, I did not give up on my dream and that is why I am here today able of offering help and guidance to those who struggle like I did.

My first shout on finding independence as a singer was to join Sound Engineering Bachelor degree at Universidad de Chile. I wanted to fully be involved in music, recording studios and performing. The engineering was very difficult for me and my teachers and colleagues would strongly encourage me to change to a music major. I followed half of their advice and I transferred to Berklee College of Music where I graduated with a Bachelor in Arts in Professional Music. At Berklee I found my voice as my main instrument. I found my lyric writing skills and opened the door to songwriting. I discovered my passion for composing and recording.

I had the greatest opportunity to learn Voice from grammy winning artist Paula Cole, from Indie Rock Singer Janie Barnet, and Grammy nominated singer Annette Philipp. I shared stages with grammy winning artist such as A.R.Rahman and Jacob Collier. I dived deeper into world music and started my vocal practice in hindustani classical singing with Namami Karmakar.


I've performed with different music acts and my personal projects in Boston, Vermont, Washington DC, New York City, Valdivia,Paris and Berlin.


During Covid, I was living in Brooklyn. It was so difficult to sustain a living without gigs I decided to explore composing songs utilizing poems as material. This led me to engage with sound exploration and found myself stuck. I enrolled into a Master in Arts in creative production in Music and moved to Berlin since three years ago. I graduated from the program, fully engaged with electro acoustic music composition and multichannel composition for an Octophonic Sound System.

I formed a duo Hiroki Grin and perform experimental music in Berlin nowadays.

I also didn't leave my passion for singing and songwriting behind and joined a berlin based band Moriah Plaza where I'm the lead singer and guitarist. We are recording a second EP. Cool isn't it?

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