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Hiroki Grin



The Duo

Hiroki Grin is formed of Chilean composer and singer-songwriter, Gretchen Schadebrodt, and British music producer, John Kean. Both met during their Masters program at Catalyst institute for Creative Arts and Technology, located in Berlin.


The Material

Their endeavours began through individual research projects and mutual desire to perform. John's research aimed at creating generative systems that would interact with live music performance. Grettch's research explored spatial audio composition for an octophonic system. Grettch is a singer songwriter and classical pianist. John is a songwriter and a Guitarist.


The Exploration

Hiroki Grin started with the concept of deep listening, sound objects, soundscaping, immersive experience and generative systems as tools. This led them to compose Voices, an experimental exploration of air and water. Grettch's esoteric knowledge in Astrology and John's ability to structure sonic environments, combined with a quadraphonic sound system, allowed for a first immersive live performance.  

Live Performances




The Hiroki Grin project is a collaboration between composer and singer-songwriter, Grettch, and music producer, John. The project specialises in experimental electro acoustic music, with compositions that explore concepts interrelating filmic landscapes and the human state of mind. The music created under this project is a fusion of electronics, modular synthesis and acoustic instruments, aiming to take the listener on a journey through different emotional and mental states. ​


Gretchen, aka Grettch, is an American born German-Basque descendent.

She is a singer and multi-instrumentalist raised in the Chilean Northern Patagonia. From a young age, Grettch's relationship with natural landscapes and classical music has influenced her ethereal sonic compositions.Her musical journey started with classical piano performance at the Austral University of Chile.

When suffering from tremendous stage fright, her music career took a turn and she engaged in music production and hindustani music. Grettch holds a Bachelors degree in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music and a Masters in Creative Production from Catalyst Institute of Creative Arts and Technology.

Her established work in vocal production led to collaboration with the Berlin-based psychedelic bossa band, Moriah Plaza - touring Europe as lead vocalist and guitarist.​​


John Kean is a British music producer born and raised in Colchester, UK. His career began with performing piano at a young age. Since becoming multi-instrumental, he moved away from classical performance to tour with Rock band, Loose Joints, as their lead guitarist and writer. John holds a Bachelors degree in Arts and Music Production from Spirit Studios, Manchester. During his time there, he worked on expansive production and composition in turn leading to his ongoing Alt-Indie project, Melodiva. Moving to Berlin in 2020, John studied Creative Production MA in music at Catalyst Institute of Creative Arts and Technology. There he developed his practice of generative and interactive composition through coding and modular synthesis.

Hiroki Grin

Hiroki Grin

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